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Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS)

EYFS Learning Through Play for 0-5s

As a qualified and experienced teacher, I am able to provide excellent quality learning opportunities which support and extend each child's social and intellectual development. I can plan and observe play activities, ensuring each child is challenged and learning through play activities. I base activities on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for children aged between 0 and 5 years which is used in Pre-Schools and Reception classes.  

This supports children in 7 areas in total(3 prime areas and 4 specific):


Prime Areas


Counting is incorporated into everything the children do. We count in nursery rhymes and songs, how many steps on the slide, we count scoops of sand, bricks etc. Like the written word numbers are all around us and we look for numbers and shapes in our environment whether at home or out visiting.


Children enjoy cooking, gardening and exploring their environments. They explore with (and compare) different materials, from wet/dry sand to compost. They explore the different textures around them from bricks to fabric. They build and construct with different materials - toy bricks, sand and playdough. Children learn about their own and other cultures through experiencing different festivals throughout the year.


A healthy lifestyle is promoted through eating well, exercising and resting. Children play in the garden and often sample the things we grow. Children currently give input into each weeks menu using fantastic resources from the British Heart Foundation. We go for walks and explore the local environment. We visit both Burn Valley gardens and Ward-Jackson park regularly. If the weather really is too bad we move to music indoors, pretending to be lots of different things. There is  a rest period each day where children can nap or play quietly with books, puzzles or treasure baskets.


We love to explore with art and craft activities, we draw, paint, construct, cut, stick and print on both small and large scales. We can picnic on the moon, make the animals well, build a house and create a banquet all in an afternoon. We love singing lots of songs and rhymes and exploring music with different instruments.

Specific Areas


I aim to help all the children in my care to develop positive attitudes and good behaviour. The individual is always at the centre of my practice and I provide each child with care and individual attention. Children will be given time to talk and be listened to. Everyone is expected to share toys and work together on activities.  It is through praise and celebrating success that children develop their self-esteem.  Children are praised for positive behaviour and good manners.


Children play alphabet, phonic and word games and look for written language in the world around us. Exploration with mark making encourages dexterity and hand-eye coordination and helps with writing when the children are older.


As a group and through one-to-one activities children's communication skills and vocabulary are developed. I read stories and rhymes with the children, encouraging their participation. We listen to action songs, rhymes and music on CDs to encourage listening and attention.

I have experience of working with speech and language therapists.