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I thought it was about time I started a blog to give parents and potential parents a flavour of what our daily life entails.


Learning all around us.

By samanthagowland, Jun 28 2013 07:20PM

What a great opportunity this morning's walk to school was. We normally travel in the car on account of dropping off to two schools. This morning it was only one school and I was without the car for other reasons so walk we did.

As mentioned previously it wasn't the best weather this morning. Good old British drizzle. There were numerous puddles on the way to the school and (obviously) back home again. To make it even worse(for me) I slipped and fell, think I managed it with dignity, as we hurried around the rather traffic congested school corner. My learning opportunity - take that corner more carefully, it's not like it's the first time it's got me either.

However this blog isn't supposed to be about my learning curve but that of the children's.

Mathematics - easily covered. Plenty of puddles to count, different sizes and shapes to boot. I'd be pushing it to suggest colours but fifty shades isn't just a book, it's a whole lot of muddy puddles. Perhaps we should have put out some containers and we could have squeezed in capacity ;o)

Understanding the World - weather, even if it is just one kind 'rain'. Oh and the laws of gravity - now I knew that fall was an intentional act ;o) The sacrifices I make in the name of education.

Communication and Language - all those new words to describe the excitement of finding yet 'another' 'puddl'e, a 'bigger one' and the big 'splash' and 'splashes' that occured when they 'jump' and 'jumped' in and the water went 'higher'. Are you feeling it yet? Admit it you so want to be 2 year old again? seriously, watching someone so excited to be able to jump in the biggest, muckiest puddle they can find is quite rewarding. Not so rewarding when they then need to be coaxed back inside on arriving home.

Physical development - Obviously running to the next and the next puddle and then jumping and jumping and jumping. Did I mention running and jumping??

Personal, Social, Emotional Development - Self confidence knows no bounds when faced with a puddle or three. Relationships areb definately made when having to take turns and we've a shared interest in big puddles as toddlers have. I have yet to find a toddler not interested in splashing in puddles, you have all met their role model 'Peppa Pig' haven't you? The biggest learning experience has got to be how to manage feelings and behaviour on having to say good bye to the puddles though!

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