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I thought it was about time I started a blog to give parents and potential parents a flavour of what our daily life entails.


Give Childhood back to children

By samanthagowland, Jan 15 2014 10:31AM

I recently read this article:


It was refreshing to see that I'm not alone in my belief that children need to play and be children. They need to experience boredom to develop creativity. Children need to be allowed to problem solve for themselves and not have everything done for them.

As a parent and practitioner I see my role as one of an observer and enabler. As an observer I am enlightened to what interests an individual, the type of learner an individual is, what the individual needs to make progress. As an enabler my role is to use all my observations (and educational knowledge) to ensure the individual (especially the very young) is given opportunities to extend their knowledge. Now this might be simply to provide new experiences through additional resources, visits to different environments or through questioning understanding and/or explaining concepts when needed.

My role is "not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." (William Butler Yeats)

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